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I'm currently limiting my workshops to private groups and one-on-one sessions.  These can focus on in-field shooting or Photoshop lessons.  Please inquire for any further information.  Did you just get your first Digital SLR camera and want to learn how to use it and how to shoot landscapes?  Or are you a seasoned shooter who wants to brush up on your technique or learn new ways of seeing and capturing an image?  Then my In-Field Photography Workshops are for you.

What is an In-Field Photography Workshop?

My workshops will be 2-3 day adventures through some of the most beautiful places the high arctic has to offer.  I will take groups of 4-5 people into highly photogenic locations at the right time of day to get the best light.  In between locations I will offer technique advice on everything from composing your image to how to process it back at home.  The main goal of these workshops is to get you in the right place to make beautiful images and help you as much or as little as you need to capture that moment while we're there.  The second goal, is to have fun.  Many workshops out there are very student/teacher oriented...  this is not one of them.  This is a group of peers who all share a passion for the outdoors and/or photography going out to have fun, learn, and make beautiful images.  Some of these workshops will be backpacking/camping based, but all will have hiking involved.  If you have any questions regarding the gear required or how strenuous the hiking involved will be, please email for more detailed information.  Due to the ever changing light and weather conditions that make photography such a thrill, these workshops do not run on a strict itinerary, rather, we will decide which locations we would like to shoot when based on the conditions at the time. This flexibility allows us to get the best images of a given place.

Private Workshops (one-on-one or small group)

Some people prefer more of a one-on-one experience where the workshop is specifically tailored to their location preference and schedule.  Private workshops are also a great choice if you and a group of friends would like to have a photography guide through a new place and learn some new skills along the way.  You choose the location and duration and we will head out for a great time where I will help you to get the most out of the location as well as share with you many of the tips, tricks, and techniques I have picked up throughout my photography career.  If something like this sounds like you, please email for more information or to work out a specific workshop designed around your needs.