"I am interested in realism, capturing the subject exactly as it is"

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Born and raised in Pontypool, Ontario, Canada I have had a keen interest in art since a very early age. My formal training as a visual artist was carried out at Sir Sanford Fleming School of Fine Arts. There, I focused intensely on studio work in pen and ink illustrations, painting in most mediums, glassblowing, artist blacksmith, stone carving, sculpture and photography. I have since enjoyed working professionally in various artistic mediums for the past 15 years.

My work can be found in many private collections across the globe. I currently work in fine art photography and pen and ink illustrations from my home studio in Pangnigtung, Nunavut, Canada.

Today, living 20 km south of the Arctic Circle in the picturesque Hamlet of Pangnirtung, Nunavut, I have been given the unique opportunity to acquire inspiration from a culture and climate that most people will never experience. I draw inspiration from these experiences, in an attempt to capture my surroundingsā€¦ giving the viewer a glimpse into life in the high Canadian Arctic.

I have most recently published a book of those images and currently working towards further developing this special repertoire and discovering new and exciting northern exposures.

Notably I was approached by Canada Post with the desire of adding a image to a book of Canadian Photographs. This book was later presented to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in celebration of their marriage .

Artistic statement

"I try to capture the soul and personality of all my creations ignoring current artistic trends and by casting aside any impressionistic or expressionistic connections. I am interested in realism, capturing the subject exactly as it is.

The seemingly endless arctic tundra has helped me realize the bounty that nature provides. My goal is to attempt to share experiences and give the viewer a small glimpse into the harsh Canadian wilderness. My work as an artist has not forced me to neglect my interests in traditional fiddle playing, hiking countless miles or my fondness for solo canoeing. In reality, my interests have given me the opportunity to grow creatively and in many cases have given me inspiration for my artwork.

The unpredictability of my subjects is what intrigues me. For example the seemly randomness of a scattered pile of leaves which for a brief moment in time lay still, only to be tossed and rearranged by a slight gust of wind in to another compositionally sound pose.

I feel that the natural world is unnoticed and often neglected. I hope to show beauty in a serene mountain scape or frozen arctic lake, not overlooking something as simple as a few colored leaves strewn about the ground."